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Tiruchy goes the digital way

Buoyed by benefits of digital marketing, business enterprises and establishments in Tiruchy are now moving towards social media promotions. Most of them do not believe in creating king-sized hoardings or banners to attract customers. Digital marketing, a cost-efficient mode of promotion, can reach the ex-act number of audience, if not more, just by customizing a post before it is posted online. This medium is new to tier-two cities like Tiruchy, and medium scale establishments and business en-tities are making use of it to increase their revenue.

Promotions could be on Facebook, Instagram or in Linkedln depending on the nature of the product, and the age group it caters to Twenty-seven-year old BTech 1T graduate Gokul, who is part of the gems industry, says, "Digital marketing is booming in the district with a rise in the number of smartphone users. Marketing on Facebook pages includes a lot of work as we have to enhance the photo works to capture the audience's attention.

The needs of the audience should be reflected in a series of posts to make them aware about the timely offer or the advertisement" Gokul is one of the administrators of 'I Love Trichy' page on Facebook. Doing a live video during the inauguration of a shop, maintaining the social media pages, boosting the posts, work-ingon images or contents, are all aspects of digital marketing. A company doing routine digital marketing with regular customers could generate monthly revenue in the range of t 10,000 and Rs 1 lakh. According to 34-year-old Rajesh Natarajan, who works for 'Internest', digital marketing is a time-consuming process.

Scope of digital marketing
• Employment opportunities
• Cost efficient
• Wider reach of audience

No of Digital Marketing Agencies

* 15

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