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Tank brims with water

Living up to its name:A vast Koothapar Periyakulam near Tiruverambur in Tiruchi is brimming with water.M. MoorthyM_Moorthy

Koothapar Periyakulam, a seasonal wetland where water birds and other migratory species feed and breed, presents a pleasant sight with a vast expanse of water.

As the Cauvery is in full flow, water has been diverted from the river to this lake through Uyyakondan channel. The 75-hectare waterbody where regular visits of water birds, including migrants, local migrants, water fowls have been recorded every year, particularly during November-December, requires some intervention to make it more friendly to the winged visitors, bird lovers say.

The waterbody is on the migratory passage for hundreds of birds flying long distances. The wetland is chosen by the birds for feeding and breeding. They feed on rich proteinaceous food in winter. The birds stay put for short durations and resume their flight to their destinations.The main disturbance for these birds is the noise associated with rapid urbanisation, according to Ashok Chakravarthy, Field Biologist.

The lake, located adjacent to the Tiruchi-Thanjavur highway, is becoming less conducive for the birds owing to noise from the vehicular traffic. This problem could be addressed through raising trees that would suit the habitat in the surroundings, Mr. Chakravarthy said.

According to sources in the Public Works Department which has control over the waterbody, a substantial portion of the lake was cleared of the invasive Prosopis juliflora few months back.Large trees must be raised in the buffer area between the National Highway and the waterbody. Acacia nilotica (babul) will be ideal here, according to a botanist. Alongside, string of nesting islets must be created in the waterbody, bird lovers emphasise.


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