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NIT-T plans to enlist alumni to boost world ranking

The National Institute of Technology-Tiruchi is ready with a strategic plan to take the institution to the next level of world rankings.

NIT-T has plans to rope in international alumni for fulfilling the vision of making the institute a power house of innovation, research, and enhance its brand to be ‘Locally relevant and globally competitive’.

Speaking to a gathering of about 150 alumni members at San Francisco, USA, earlier this week, Institute Director Mini Shaji Thomas urged them to contribute ‘Time, Talent and Treasure’ to transform NIT-T into a premier institution. A few days earlier, the NIT-T Director met East Coast alumni and enlisted their support in taking forward the ‘perception factor’ that is a vital component for figuring high in NIRF (National Institute Ranking Framework) and world rankings.

Alumni cell

NIT-T’s hope is that the contribution of 30,000 strong alumni members will create a substantial impact. With a view to tapping the expertise and contributions of old students, the institute recently created an Alumni Institute Interaction Cell.

The alumni members belonging to batches from 1969 to 2017 discussed ways in which they could contribute to NIT-T’s rise in national and global ranking. They resolved to strengthen their local chapters and revamp older ones. The USA RECAL (Regional Engineering College Alumni) Association assured to connect all alumni across the United States with the aim of creating a global brand for NIT-T.

Ms. Thomas encouraged them to admit their wards in NIT-T through either of the two schemes: (Direct admission to Students abroad) or Study in India Abroad Program administered by the Central Government.

Krishna Sai, NIT-T/REC alumni president, said old students were instrumental in formation of SCIEnT (Student Center for Innovation in Technology) and IoT Lab (Internet of Things).

The RECAL Middle School in the campus provided scholarships to over 70 students. Graduating students had been asked to enrol themselves in the alumni portal https://nittrichyalumni.org


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