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New skating zone planned at Panjappur Green Park

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TIRUCHY-based Roller Skaters who are currently using public roads to practice the game may soon have an exclusive zone as the city Corporation plans to construct one inside the Green Park at Panjappur. Despite young athletes in Tiruchy showing interest in roll-er skating like cricket or football, a place for practice is lacking. Some players were forced to use roads amidst vehicular traffic but that did not stop them from making it to many national meets bringing home medals and making Tiruchy proud. Recently, senior Corporation officials inspected Green Park for building a space for roller skat-ers. This was along the lines of Tiruchy's Smart City projects.

Speaking to Express, Corporation Commissioner and Special Officer N Ravichandran shared the idea of a skating zone adding that they have plans in this regard. "We have planned a skating zone at Panjappur Green Park," he said. Ravichandran said there is a large number of players who love the game for whom a separate place for practicing would be of immense help. District Sports and Youth Welfare Officer C Punnia Moorthy said that they have made some representations with the Com-missioner on the skating zone. Punnia Moorthy said, "We recently met the Commissioner to put forward some ideas for the project. Our representations were 100m, 200m and 300m to him.

All the ideas have been com-piled into one and handed over to him for the final decision." The news on planning a skating zone came as a delight for many players in the city. Tiruchy District Roller Skating Sports Association welcomed the idea pro-posed by the civic body. There are players aged between 14 and 18 years who love the sport. Association president B Amirthakasi said the players of the sports are practicing on the roads as there M no exclusive rink for them. Green Park in Panjappur is situated along Tiruchy-Madurai National Highways built on a sprawling 22.5 acres of Corporation land that cost Rs 1.49 crore.

Initially, the park failed to gain pace among the residents as it is located on the outskirts. Recently, the civic body added a cycle track for a stretch of one kilometre at the park gaining attention.
There are over 400 roller skaters In Tiruchy district. Many had made it to the Nationals. If a separate zone is erected, It will be helpful for the claims the president Tiruchy Disbid Roller Skating Spot Association

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