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It’s business as usual for onion traders on Sub-Jail Road

A wholesale trader weighs and sorting the onions at Gandhi Market in Tiruchi on Saturday.M. MoorthyM_Moorthy

A group of wholesale onion traders continue to function along the Sub-Jail Road in the city, even after a majority of onion wholesale traders have shifted to Ariyamangalam, triggering criticisms that the very purpose of shifting the ‘Vengaya Mandi’ has been defeated.

Wholesale onion traders of Gandhi Market, who have for decades been functioning on the sides of the Sub-Jail Road in the city, opened their own market complex at Ariyamangalam in June this year after the district administration sought to give a push to shift the wholesale traders of the Gandhi Market to the Central Market for Vegetables, Flowers and Fruits at Kallikudi.

Although wholesale traders dealing in other vegetables and fruits have refused to move to the Kallikudi market so far, a majority of the onion wholesale traders shifted to the private market named, Tiruchi All Perishables Commission Mandis Commercial Complex, at Ariyamangalam.

However, a few wholesale onion traders continued to function at Sub-Jail Road. But now the number of shops seems to be increasing. Nearly a dozen traders are functioning from the small shops at the erstwhile Vengaya Mandi and continue to process and pack the onions right on the roadsides. While some of the traders with own shops at Vengaya Mandi continue to function at the place, some new traders have also set shop in the past few days.

“The very purpose of the onion traders moving to the new market seems to have been defeated. The authorities should initiate stern action and ensure that the Sub-Jail road was not encroached upon again. Handling of onions on the road should not be allowed,” observed M. Sekaran, president, Federation of Consumer and Service Organisations.

Fluctuation in prices

With two groups of onion wholesale traders at different places, sharp fluctuations in the price of Bellary and small onions have become the order of the day. Often, retail traders visit both the places to check the prices and buy wherever the price is cheaper.

A. Thangaraj, general secretary, Tiruchi Onion Commission Mandi Traders’ Association, conceded that the prevailing situation was not healthy and added that some of the traders who continue to operate at Vengaya Mandi have been allotted space or shops at the private market. All onion traders should move to Ariyamangalam, he said.

Authorities should initiate stern action and ensure that the road is not encroached upon again

M. Sekaran

President, Federation of Consumer and Service Organisations


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