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Heavy flow in rivers hits drinking water supply

One of the piers of the bridge carrying the pipeline from a collector well of the Tiruverumbur Combined Drinking Water Scheme has sunk due to heavy flow of water in the Coleroon.M. Moorthy

The heavy water flow in the Cauvery and the Coleroon has resulted in disruption of piped drinking water supply to some parts of the city.

On Friday, one of the piers of the bridge carrying the pumping mains from the collector well of the Tiruverumbur Combined Drinking Water Supply Scheme on the Coleroon sank about a couple of feet leaving the pipeline in a precarious position.

Pumping of water from the scheme, which has been supplying about 18 million litres a day (MLD) to Tiruverumbur, Thuvakudi and Koothapar areas, has been suspended as the authorities did not want to take a risk, sources in the Corporation and TWAD Board said. This and the Puthapuram schemes cater to the requirement of residents in wards 61 to 65.

Similarly, pumping of water from the Pirattiyur Combined Drinking Water Scheme and the Puthapuram Combined Drinking Water Scheme, both maintained by the TWAD Board, has been affected as the water was flowing above infiltration wells.

According to sources, about 15 MLD of water supplied from these schemes (which cater to rural habitations) to areas within Corporation limits has been affected. However, the Corporation has made arrangements to supply water through tankers to the affected areas.

Normally, the corporation supplies about 128 MLD to the city, which has a population of around nine lakh, from its water sources on the Cauvery and the Coleroon.

City Engineer S. Amudhavalli inspected some of the water schemes and the flood situation in the bathing ghats in the city on Saturday morning.

A Corporation press release issued later said that the infiltration wells and borewells of the TWAD maintained schemes and those of the Corporation at Kambarasampettai Head Works and Turbine could not be operated as they have been submerged. So water supply to Marakkadai, Viragupettai, Rockfort, Chinthamani, Ramji Nagar, Pirattiyur, Edamalaipattipudur, Viswas Nagar, Jaya Nagar and Pirattiyur Cauvery Nagar and wards 61 to 65 has been suspended.

Water would be supplied through tankers to all affected areas, the civic body said and appealed to the residents to use drinking water judiciously.


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