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Two sections of Aristo RoB to be opened soon

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Two arms of the multi-layer Aristo junction Road Over Bridge (ROB) is all set to be open by next month. According to the district administration officials, the third arm towards the Chennai route would be completed after getting the Defense land on this side.

Though the district administration was ready to buy 0.66 acres of the defense land to complete the construction of flyover arm towards Chennai, the defense was not ready to accept the monetary compensation. The district administration had raised this issue with the Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman during her visit to Tiruchy, citing that the delay in getting the land has been affecting the progress of this flyover project in the district. Later after talks, the dis-trict administration's proposal to offer another land as compensation-tion was accepted by the Minis-try of Defence.

The defense will be given a land in Kanchipuram as compensation. Till the process is over, it has been decided to take the necessary steps to make the other arms ready to handle traffic. "We are planning to open the arms to-wards Dindigul side and the oth-er at railway junction side for vehicular traffic by July. We hope that the Defense Ministry would also hand over their land in the coming months so that the works can be completed," said District Collector K Rajamani. State Highway officials said that the construction works of the flyover arm at the defence land would not take much time. "We have to construct two pillars on the defense side and the works can be finished in three months. If the land is handed over by the defense soon, we can complete the works on the 'towards Chen-nai' arm this year itself," said officials.

We plan to open the arms towards Dindigul side and the other at railway junction side for traffic by July. We hope that the Defence Ministry also hands over their land in coming months so that the work can be completed.

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