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Trichy, Kovai to get technical and financial aid under NAMA project

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Appreciating the measures taken by Trichy corporation on solid waste management (SWM), a joint initiative of several European bodies involved in climate change action and the ministry of housing and urban affairs (MoHUA) has selected the city for receiving technical and financial support under the Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) project. The urban local body (ULB) has submitted its proposals to establish a pyrolysis plant and biomining project here through the NAMA project which is aimed at streamlining waste management solutions in India.

NAMA, an umbrella of UK’s department of energy and climate change, Danish ministry of energy, German federal ministry for the environment and European Commission for Funding Climate Change Projects, shortlisted waste solutions in India for the climate change mitigation project. Apart from Trichy, Coimbatore, Bengaluru, Varanasi and Goa, were selected to receive the technical and financial support.
The project, whose financial support is capped at Rs138 crore, will last 6 years, including a year exclusively to analyse the preparation phase. With Trichy being selected, ULB submitted three proposals before NAMA to be considered for technical and financial support aimed at eliminating the need for landfills.

“A proposal to establish a pyrolysis plant and another for biomining were submitted to NAMA. They will study our proposals through field visits. A separate proposal to establish waste collection mechanism for bulk waste generators was also submitted,” corporation commissioner N Ravichandran said.
While the pyrolysis plant will chemically break down plastic waste into oil in a reactor, oil produced is set to be used as industrial oil for generating heat and electricity.
Biomining is a step-bystep process to reclaim land used for dump yard. It follows a process of extracting waste from dump yard and segregating it for appropriate recycling. With ?138 crore the limit for support, the selected cities are expected to receive ?20crore -?30crore each based on the capacity of proposals.
“The group of bodies under NAMA will go through our proposals and it may take some time to finalise a proposal,” the commissioner added. Trichy corporation officials, after a meeting hosted by NAMA recently in New Delhi, said another plan to initiate a separate waste management system, including collection, segregation and disposal of waste for bulk waste generators (more than 50kg waste per day), was discussed.

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