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Less focus on Class XI upsets NEET aspirants of state board

With only a month to go for the national eligibility-cum-entrance test (NEET) 2018, students, particularly from the the state board, have been flocking to coaching institutes in hordes for crash courses. However, the state board students say they are at a clear disadvantage in cracking NEET as most of the schools had been following a skewed system of ignoring class XI portions.

State board students who appeared for their class 12 board exam this year say they are the last batch which didn’t focus much on class 11 syllabus, something which has become an obstacle for them in clearing NEET. They say they are finding NEET a hard nut to crack because of this gap in learning of Class XI syllabus which forms the basis of what they learn in class 12. Several students say that though such crash courses are of little use they want to leave no stone unturned to clear the mandatory all-India test and secure an MBBS seat.
S Mary Reshma, student in a state board school in Trichy, says that their school had started teaching 12th syllabus from January itself when she was in eleventh. This was the general practice in most of the state board schools as the main focus was on making the student score more in class 12. The student scored well in the board exam by studying class 12 portions for one-and-a-half years but at the cost of glossing over the basics in class XI. “We are under compulsion to score decent marks in NEET and crash course is the only option to cover all what we missed,” says Reshma. “Let alone getting a seat in the country, even if we want to pursue medicine abroad, NEET has become mandatory from this year,” she says.
“A medical aspirant from a CBSE school may not bother about getting high marks in the board examination as admission to the medical college is purely based on NEET. Thus he or she can focus more on NEET preparation,” said S Balakrishnan, parent of a medical aspirant. However, this is not the case with a state board student where they have to focus on their board exam marks. Good marks in board examinations ensures admission to good colleges which are completely based on these marks, says he.
Coaching institutes aver that it is the state board students who are joining in large numbers to crash courses at the last minute mainly out of compulsion from family members. “We have come across several parents of children from the state board who are keen on getting their children to medical colleges,” said T Pugazhenthi, director of Guna Academy Trichy which offers NEET crash course coaching. In most cases, the parents were the ones keen to see their children get admission in medical colleges and they dragged them to coaching centres.


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