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BDU signs MoU with Binary Univ

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Bharathidasan University (BDU) and Binary University from Malaysia signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a specific focus on management and entrepreneurship, on Friday.
The MoU shall facilitate student exchange, faculty exchange, corporate academic programmes, cooperative/ collaborative research projects, exchange of publications and short term training, workshops, seminars and conferences.
Joseph Adaikalam, executive chairman of Binary University, signed the memorandum on behalf of the Binary University at Bharathidasan University.

The MoU to befit students especially from Bharathidasan School of Management (BSM) and Institute for Entrepreneurship and Career Development of BDU.
“Binary University is a five star university in Malaysia. Management and entrepreneurship are the core area that both the university are going to focus in the future,” said P Manisankar, vice-chancellor of BDU. “We will be sharing our course module with them, based on which students from Binary would visit BDU and vice versa,” he said.
“Further, we have some potential science departments in BDU like marine sciences, medical bio-technology and bio-informatics where Binary university will be sending their students to attend courses. There is also scope for faculty exchange as part of the MoU,” said Manisankar.
“Upon finalizing the specific area of research and academic collaboration, we will be signing memorandum of agreement also with Binary University,” said the VC.


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