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Women achievers honoured

Four organisations came together to celebrate International Women’s Day with a felicitation for local female achievers and a message for greater health awareness in the city on Saturday.

The event was jointly hosted by social service organisations Enable and Yugaa in collaboration with healthcare providers Dr. G. Viswanathan Speciality Hospitals and Dr. K. Shanta Breast Cancer Foundation (SBCF).

V. Shanta, chairperson, Adyar Cancer Institute (WIA), Chennai, urged women to learn the true meaning of empowerment by becoming more decisive. “Every woman must have economic independence, and must be able to take important decisions. Gender equality however, is based on give-and-take,” she said. “Career women should never take their job casually. Be proud of the institution where you are working, because that’s the only way you will grow as a person,” she added.

Speaking of her experience in the field of cancer treatment and research, Dr. Shanta said that the disease need not always be considered to be fatal, because early detection vastly improves chances of cure. “Cancer is a generic name for a combination of diseases, which is why there is no single (diagnostic) test for it. In the case of breast cancer, the age limit of 40 years for women to get a mammogram is just a guideline. When there’s a known history of the disease in the family, it is better for women to opt for mammography, irrespective of their age.”


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