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Railway History, Service Catch The Public Eye

Railway History, Service Catch The Public Eye

What does Railways do? Operate trains and ferry people or is it something more than that? If these queries are bothering you, the stall of Southern Railway at 44th India Tourism and Industrial Fair which is ongoing at Island Grounds would be the right place to obtain answers.

Exhibits describing the services of environment lab at Golden Rock Workshop (Southern Railway) in Trichy will attract one’s attention quickly.

The lab has been taking up vermi composting of banana leaves, dry leaves and paper for more than a year now, said the office superintendent at Golden Rock Workshop Subramanian.

“We collect the waste stuff from the workshop premises and add essential micro nutrients. Worms are introduced into it and water is sprayed daily into it for about 30 to 45 days. The compost is obtained and also fresh worms are generated for next bed,” he said.

“We are able to generate about 50 kg of vermi compost per week, he said. We are giving away packets of vermi-compost to the visitors,” he said and added, “This will serve two purposes. It will create awareness on this environmental friendly practise, this can be used to help the growth of plants.”

The scalable wooden model of Nilgiri Mountain Railway train engine too would be no less attractive for the viewers.

Below are the framed posters that explain the heritage and history of the famed locomotive, said senior railway official at the exhibition. Behind the large scale wooden model of the famed steam locomotive lies the miniature wooden models of coaches used in early stages of train travel in India.

Poster explaining the three engineering marvels of Southern Railway also can catch our eye. It explains briefly about the construction of 6676 feet Pamban Bridge with a two leaf-Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge and the 13 arch heritage bridge at Punalur and the formation Nilgiri Mountain Railway transportation system.

“The plan was to highlight how passengers can obtain help under various circumstances, so we put a poster that shows various contact numbers, train travellers can dial for help,” said a railway official at the stall. It highlighted the helpline numbers 139, 182, 138, 58888 and 155210 while explaining the purposes they serve.

“That’s not all, another poster nearby prominently warns public not to attempt risky things like taking a selfie with a running train in the background, the poster is rightly titled “Be safe than Selfie.”

For the first time we have offered a space to railway fans also,” stated the official. Sriram Srinivasan, an ardent rail fan got an opportunity to exhibit his railway memorabilia. Photographs of various train engines, old and new railway timetables were among those on display.


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