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All-women team to keep express train to Jodhpur on track

An all-women technical and housekeeping team of the Tiruchi Railway Division will henceforth carry out primary maintenance of the express train comprising 18 coaches from Mannargudi to Bhagat Ki Kothi in Jodhpur.

This is the first time that an all-women team has been mandated with the task of carrying out primary maintenance of an express train in the Tiruchi division.

The team began their assignment at Coach Care Centre here on Sunday. The task includes carrying out complete maintenance of the weekly train which has six air-conditioned coaches; six sleeper class compartments; four general second class and two SLR coaches.

With 17 women technicians and 11 housekeeping staff, the team is headed by a junior engineer under whose direct supervision the maintenance of the train’s exteriors and interiors besides examination of the safety aspects of bogies and undercarriage was done.

The divisional authorities chose the Mannargudi– Bhagat Ki Kothi train for primary maintenance work.

The train leaves Mannargudi on Monday and reaches Bhagat Ki Kothi on Wednesday evening, covering over 2,800 km with 40 halts. It leaves Bhagat Ki Kothi on Thursday and reaches Mannargudi on Saturday evening via Tiruchi. Till now, primary maintenance of this train was mostly done by men.

“The objective of deploying an all-women team is to encourage leadership, team spirit and foster confidence in them to maintain a complete rake,” a senior railway officer told The Hindu .

The empty formation reaches the Tiruchi junction on Saturday night. Primary maintenance of the rake would start at 6 am on Sundays and go on till 2 p.m. The technical team checking the safety aspects would carry out an examination of the bogies; brake and other gear; brake blocks; fasteners and buffing gears besides carrying out air brake testing and applying lubricants.

The division’s housekeeping team’s task will be to clean the exteriors of the entire rake using high pressure water jets and check the seats inside.


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