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All-women crew deployed on board Rockfort Express

A novel International Women’s Day celebration by Tiruchi railway division
Tiruchi railway division celebrated International Women's Day in a novel way by deploying an all-women crew of Travelling Ticket Examiners (TTEs) along with a Woman Train Captain on board the Chennai-bound Rockfort Express from here on Thursday night.

The all-women ticket checking staff consisted of four Travelling Ticket Inspectors and three Senior Ticket Examiners, besides a Woman Train Captain.

First time

This was the first time that a Woman Train Captain was deployed on board an express train in the Southern Railway, said an official.

The all-women crew were entrusted with the task of managing all the air-conditioned and reserved compartments. They received gifts at Tiruchi Junction before the train started.

This arrangement was only for one day in connection with the Women’s Day celebration, said the official.


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