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Boot camp at NIT-T identifies potential entrepreneurs

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A boot camp was conducted at NIT-T recently to enable students of other colleges to execute their start-up ideas for marketable products.

The purpose was to identify candidates with entrepreneurial ideas with a zeal to create jobs.

One hundred students from 20 colleges took part in the camp conducted by Derick Jose, Founder, Flutura Decision Science and Analytics, Bangalore, following the Ignite Methodology that originated in Google.

The methdology adopted by all disruptive companies in Silicon Valley is an actionable playbook for start-up entrepreneurs to solve audacious problems and monetize it using a business model. There are two components: Mind-sets - thought process a designer should have, and skill sets - specific tools.

The first 45 minutes was devoted for context setting, and for the subsequent six hours, the students were involved in hands-on application in groups.

Workshop coordinator G. Kannabiran, Director, CEDI, said an attempt was made to help students of other colleges who were not getting similar opportunities for entrepreneurship.


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