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Price of shallots shoots up to ₹150 a kg in Tiruchi

The price of shallots has sky-rocketed in Tiruchi and has touched ₹150 a kg in the retail market.

Though the price had reached a maximum of ₹120 on a few occasions in the recent past, this was probably the first time in recent years that it has touched ₹150 a kg. While the price of a kg of shallots was sold between ₹120 and ₹130 in the wholesale market in Tiruchi, customers had to shell out ₹150 in the retail market on Thursday. The high rate has forced the customers to forgo it.

“The arrival has come down drastically. We have received just one tenth of actual demand. Short supply of commodity will automatically shoot up prices,” says M. K. Kamalakannan of M.K. Vegetables at Gandhi Market.

Attributing poor harvest of shallots, he said arrivals from Perambalur, Tiruchi and Ariyalur districts have come down. Similarly, several areas of Mysuru, Kollegal and their adjoining places in Karnataka, which were known for shallot cultivation, had received heavy rain in September and October and as the produce cannot withstand heavy rain, the area under cultivation had actually dwindled.

As against the requirement of 1,000 bags (80 to 90 kg each), Mr. Kamalakannan said the Tiruchi market had been getting just 100 bags, making it one of the most priced vegetable commodities.

Bellary onions are now being preferred by most customers, he said.

Source: http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Tiruchirapalli/price-of-shallots-shoots-up-to-150-a-kg-in-tiruchi/article19980038.ece

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