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Pedestrians suffer barricades installed along Reynolds road

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A draconian measure pursued by the city police to prevent the public from parking their vehicles and thefts in vehicles along Reynolds road has not go well as it poses a threat to pedestrians. Since the barricades even deny pedestrians access, they are forced to walk along the road which witnesses heavy flow of city buses speeding towards the central bus stand nearby.

Reynolds road connects the city's two arterial roads - Bharathidasan Salai and Collector office road - and has been home to multiplex, shopping complex, eateries and also a school. A few days back, much to the surprise of the public, barricades were erected on either side of the stretch close to the military staff quarters, reportedly to prevent vehicles parking abruptly on the roadside.
However, since no space was provided even for the pedestrians to use the stretch, they have been put at risk. "Instead of penalising them for parking their vehicles in a no parking zone, the very move to cordon of the stretch is the worst idea by the police. Permanently concealing the only space available for pedestrians to walk is more dangerous than parking vehicles in a no parking zone," said M Sekaran, member, district road safety council.
Though initially it was assumed that the barricade installed was to prevent the public from parking vehicles in a no parking zone, police sources said that the move was to prevent theft of valuables being reported from the vehicles parked outside a multiplex along Reynolds Road.
However, traffic police department sources said that they were not informed about the move taken by the law and order police personnel. Traffic police sources added that if required, the barricades would be removed.

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