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No redemption yet for new entry, exit at railway junction

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The additional entry and exit points established near the railway junction three years ago to ease the traffic congestion around it are still lying unused. The facility was established at a cost of Rs 1 crore but with no buses operating along the facility, it is yet to serve the purpose.

The entry and exit points which were set up parallel to the existing approach road to the junction were thrown open on June 5, 2014. Since then, all city buses were being operated via the new facility to drop and pick up passengers from the railway junction. But barely after a few weeks, these buses started to skip the new facility and use the existing approach road to enter the junction near the roundabout.
Indeed, motorists who visited the railway junction had been using the entry and exit. However, due to poor maintenance of the two-way road, the entire stretch had become laden with potholes and craters. In fact, the stretch has now become a nightmare even for pedestrians. Railway passengers alleged that the railway authorities had abandoned it. Implementing projects and schemes without foresight would lead to the collapse of the entire system, opined the Golden Rock branch secretary of Consumer Protection Council, Tamil Nadu, H Ghouse Baig.
"The space which was kept idle for years can be utilised for some other purpose. Vehicles can be allowed to enter the railway station along the entry point and to come out through the exit along the roundabout. The additional exit point area can be utilised to avoid two-wheelers being haphazardly parked all over the railway premises. Being a vast area, any number of two-wheelers can be accommodated along the stretch", he further stated.
When contacted, a senior official of Trichy railway division said that the stretch would soon be improved. Since the foot over bridge work was gathering apace, the entry and exit road would also be upgraded simultaneously, he said


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