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An eyesore that mars new Tiruverumbur railway station

The presence of a pool of stagnant water in front of the newly constructed railway station at Tiruverumbur has caused inconvenience to the passengers, passers-by and local residents.The new railway station, which has been constructed near Ottamparai, was thrown open to the public about a month ago. A small pool of water is located nearby and the locals call it as “kuttai”. This has been filled up with heaps of garbage, plastic papers, tea cups, polythene bags, pet bottles and other garbage. Till recently, pigs could be seen foraging in the filth. Fortunately, this pool has no interconnectivity with other water bodies.

The recent rain has made the area more filthy with degradable and non-degradable waste being mixed indiscriminately.

What is worrying the local people and passengers is the inaction by the concerned authorities to find a solution to the issue. It has not only made the surrounding of the newly built railway station bad but is also an eyesore for Tiruverumbur.

The filth accumulation is causing a lot of inconvenience to the people, particularly passengers, who visit the railway station. Stench emanating from the pool makes it difficult for the passengers to walk. Moreover, it has turned into a breeding ground for mosquitoes, thereby posing health hazards.

Local people point out the large scale breeding of mosquitoes in the pool. The level of accumulated garbage and filth has only been increasing with each passing day, but the concerned officials are indifferent towards this problem.

“It is posing a health hazards to us. We cannot bear the stench emanating from the kuttai. No concerned officials are bothered,” says Kashi Shree G. Shanmugavelu of Tamil Makkal Valarchi Kazhagam, Tiruverumbur.

Pointing out to the outbreak of viral fever, he said that it was due to mosquito breeding.

“It is high time to set right the issues. The Railways and the Tiruchi City Corporation officials should visit the site so as to find a solution,” he pointed out.

Mr. Shanmugavelu added that passenger amenities including toilets were highly insufficient at the newly constructed railway station. The Divisional Railway officials should take steps to construct sufficient toilets, he added.


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