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Trichy Cardiologist earns Guinness entry with lecture

A CITY-BASED cardiologist recently smashed a seven-year-old Guinness world record for conducting an awareness lecture on organ donation with the largest attendance for about 1,000 students for duration of 50 minutes. The previous record for an awareness lecture was for 397 persons for a duration of 30 minutes in London. Speaking to media, Dr N Senthil Kumar, consultant cardiologist, Rana Hospital, said, "Organ donation is one of the essential topics to be discussed among people. In certain cases, patients can be saved if the failed organ is replaced with a newer one.Due to the lack of proper awareness, availing organs for transplants has become tough." At the awareness programme, Kumar stated a brain-dead donor is capable of saving the lives of
about 20 individuals.

 He said Tamil Nadu may be one of the leading states in organ donation but according to statistics, donor levels are still low. Kumar said aimed at creating awareness, a series of awareness programmes were organised in the city, including rallies and special lectures. Following the programmes, he planned to give a massive awareness lecture about the need for organ donation. With the intention of breaking the world record, the senior cardiologist organised a special awareness lecture at the Cauvery College of Women under the Guinness Book of World Record's guidelines on September 17. With all the evidence sent to Guinness Book of World Records officials, the lecture was officially approved as the largest awareness programme conducted over a sustained period of time on organ donation in the world on September 28.
iymAN Tue, 03 October 2017 WEXIMINS epaper.newindianexpress.com//c/22604809

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