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The Countdown Turns Zero – IIM Trichy Goes To Its Permanent Abode

Going.. going.. going…….. GONE
The Countdown finally comes to a Permanent stop. The wait is finally over.
6 years since the inception of the Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli (IIM-T) in 2011, the Institute now moves in to its Permanent abode.
At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the World (or quite a lot of people) slept, the IIMTians woke up and worked tirelessly to complete the process of shifting, helping set up a whole new world in our very own abode. The sheer dedication and seamless coordination of efforts of a large number of souls in rain, is a great memory in itself which will be cherished in the years to come, not to forget the immense promise the people hold when coordinated team action is carried out.
Words cannot describe the surreal feeling when you see a Computer generated 3D structure comes to shape before your eyes, standing in full glory, and then you get to go, live and learn in those structures, which will henceforth be important icons of IIM-T, and yet another feather in the “brand IIM” as a whole.
Many people might be able to connect with this picture, especially the IIMTians. This is a side of the Main Entrance to the Administration block. The 3D models just got real!
The Students (PGP 1 & 2) along with FPM students have now totally moved into IIM-T Campus in the month of October 2017. The PGP 1 (2017-19) batch will be remembered as the First batch to move into IIM-T campus, while PGP 2 (2016-18) batch will be the first one to graduate from IIM-T Campus, marking them as the very few batches in the entire IIM family to have experienced a transition.
Now, what does this transition mean?
The transition over here is not just limited to physical shifting of the students from one campus to the other. It has a wider significance.
Considering the fact that we live in the Age of Startups (The Age of Empires fans can relate better), this transition to the Permanent Campus of IIM-T is no less than a start-up experience in itself. The current batches of 2016-2018 and 2017-2019 have left behind the developed Campus of NIT-T full of established facilities. Here, the established facilities include the State of the Art classrooms, hostels, academic block and administration block. An IIM Campus is much more than that, and it is the responsibility of the students to bring in vibrancy to the Campus like never before, akin to any IIM in the country. Like a startup trying to establish itself and expand, the students have to ensure the development of IIM-T not only in terms of heavy infrastructure, but also build up on the legacy of the previous batches to take IIM-T to new heights in terms of learning, research, application and uphold the tradition of “Work Hard, Party Harder”. The infrastructural development will mature and stop soon, but the intellectual development in terms of learning and vibrancy will continue forever. We are happy to be a part of the initial phases of such a development.
We take this opportunity to thank NIT Trichy or NIT-T for hosting IIM-T and supporting the students for so long. We felt quite at home during our stay in NIT-T and were treated at par with NIT-T students as far as the usage of facilities and freedoms are concerned. I am sure many of the alumni of IIM-T will agree to this fact. NIT-T has been there and seen the birth and initial stages of IIM-T. I am sure the cooperation of both these Institutes of National repute will continue in future and their ties strengthened with the passage of time.
But, leave we must. We must eventually go away from the abode of the generous host, to the place which we can call our own home. There is a bit of sadness to leave NIT-T Campus, which has nurtured us for so long. But there is happiness to go to our Permanent Campus.
We now present some glimpses of the Permanent Campus of IIM-T.
The entrance to a Hostel in the Campus

Night view of the Academic Block. Reminiscent of the “Stroke of the Midnight Hour” ushering new resolve to work in full measure to fulfil the “tryst with destiny”
A view of the Hostel spline at night
A Home away from Home – view of a Hostel where we work to uphold IIM-T tradition of “Work Hard, Party Harder”
With the Permanent Campus in place, we can now play the part of being the hosts to several events, seminars, fests, lectures, multi-sport events and a lot more in a much grander scale. We look forward to hosting the Inter-IIM (South Zone) multi-disciplinary sporting event “Sangram” in IIM-T in a few years down the line.
To all the prospective students, researchers, academicians, guests, Professors and prospective exchange students, we give this message: “Come. Learn at IIM Trichy”
And as I, being a part of the batch of 2016-2018, spending the Final days of MBA in the Permanent Campus and looking forward to graduating early in the Spring of 2018, I can’t help but remember one of the concluding scenes of the movie “The Patriot”. The scene is quite apt considering the moment over here right now. In this scene, the Militia of the Continental US Army represented by Occam (Jay Arlen Jones) tells General Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson) that after Freedom is gained, they would set on to build a whole new world, starting from Benjamin’s home.
That is what we will do, starting from doing our part to build IIM Trichy.


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