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Street plays sensitise people to celebrate a green Diwali

"Vedigalai Kuraippom, Chedigalai Valarpom" (Let's reduce crackers and grow plants), a novel initiative aimed at bringing down the noise and air pollution this Diwali, a city based environmental NGO Thanneer, conducted street plays to promote tree plantation drive instead of bursting more crackers. Explaining that more crackers means more pollutants in the atmosphere, Thanneer members sensitised the public, particularly the youth, to either give up bursting crackers or to limit its usage to celebrate a safe and green Diwali.
Youth belonging to the NGO organised street plays at the Central bus stand premises during the weekend. They spread awareness about the inconvenience that crackers cause to humans and animals like stray dogs and cattle due to the high-decibels. They also explained the impact of noise and air pollution caused by crackers. The organisers promoted the concept of celebrating an environment-friendly Diwali and distributed pamphlets comprising awareness messages about global warming and the role of air pollution in aggravating the vagaries of nature.
K C Neelamegam, secretary of the NGO said, "Chemicals such as cadmium and nitrate found in crackers may cause health disorder among pregnant women and elderly persons when they are exposed to smoke. We can celebrate by increasing the green cover instead of increasing the amount of chemicals in the atmosphere."
Thanneer team also distributed free saplings such as neem and pungai (Milletia pinnata) breeds to children and youths at the bus stand. "School children were explained about the troubles mete out to stray animals and also to birds while bursting high-decibel crackers. The street play also explained a message on deteriorating environment and behavioural change among public to conserve water resources," Neelamegam added. The NGO has planned to continue the green Diwali drive for the next few weeks.

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