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Srirangam temple tank to get clay coating at base

In an effort to retain water in the ‘Chandra Pushkarani’, situated inside Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, the base of the temple tank is being filled with clay.

The new work is being carried out with the help of a donor after completion of desilting works.

The clay base is expected to improve retention of water in the tank. For this purpose, clay is being lifted from a lake at South Sithambur village near Musiri and brought to the temple tank.

Permission to lift clay has already been obtained from the district administration, said temple authorities.

Around 80 units of clay will be required for the purpose.

The work started recently.

The main objective of using clay is to retain water in the ‘Chandra Pushkarani’ – a major tank located opposite to the ‘Paramapada Vaasal’ inside the temple. Similar work is also underway at the ‘Surya Pushkarani’ tank inside the temple, said the authorities.


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