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Set up terminus near Mannarpuram: Locals

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Claiming that the plan to establish an integrated bus terminus in Kottapattu would be disastrous for the city's growth, various residents and road users' welfare associations have appealed to the district administration to consult the public before finalising a site. They alleged that the proposed terminus, located close to the Trichy International Airport, may have to bear the possibility of temporary lock-downs every time VIPs and VVIPs visit.

C Balasubramanian, honorary president of Trichy district Exnora said, "Kottapattu site may serve as a satellite bus stand but does not have the provisions to establish an integrated bus stand. TVS tollgate and G-Corner Service Road localities leading to the proposed site are already congested and if the bus stand comes up here, bottleneck traffic would be a daily deal in the city."
The residents' welfare associations have requested the state government to hold talks with the defence department to acquire around 200 acres situated near Mannarpuram for establishing an integrated bus stand facility. Citing that the parliamentary committee had given approval to the defence ministry in 1994 for disposing the surplus land at market price for development of cities and towns, consumer associations here pointed out that Mannarpuram is ideal spot for a new terminus.
"Kottapattu is not viable place for establishing a bus stand as the localities around the site have already reached saturation point due to urbanisation. Instead, the unutilised defence land sprawling for 200 acres in Mannarpuram can be obtained as it is well within the city limit," H Ghouse Baig, secretary, consumer protection council Ponmalai branch told TOI.
Stating that the proposed site in Kottapattu would be ideal only for the commuters heading to Pudukkottai and Rameshwaram, locals said that the announcement on integrated bus stand was not properly planned. Urging the government to be more cautious by envisaging the need for the bus stand to handle the increasing traffic of the city in coming years, welfare associations pitched to propose an alternate site for installing an integrated bus terminus.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/trichy/set-up-terminus-near-mannarpuram-locals/articleshow/61312648.cms

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