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Parking at Junction turns unsafe for two-wheelers as contractor backs out

Rail passengers are able to station their vehicles at the parking lot along the main entry of Tiruchi junction for free. But, there is a catch. A board put up the parking lot states that the parking will be at owners' risk, though the authorities say the place is guarded by Railway Protection Force. Since the duration of the three-year contract has lapsed, the situation may prevail for some more days. The contract will be finalised shortly. Meanwhile, the level of the surface will be raised and made conducive for erecting sheds for covered parking, official sources said.

After the parking space in Tiruchi Junction was categorised as premium earlier this year, the fee for two-wheeler parking was raised to Rs. 10 for up to 12 hours, Rs. 20 for 12 hours to 24 hours, and Rs. 30 when the parking duration exceeds 24 hours. The railway authorities have taken up the work on sprucing up the parking lot taking cognisance of criticisms that the facilities were far from satisfactory despite the rise in the fee.

The amount for the next contract was fixed not only factoring in the rise in the parking fee, but also the expansion of the area by nearly four times. From 2,300 square metres, the parking area is now on an expanse of 9,500 square metres, and hence a commensurate increase in the contract amount had to be made, a senior official said.

Contractor backs out

Paid parking system was interrupted because the previous contractor had gone back on his promise to accept the terms of the new contract. The previous contractor was even given an extension of 15 days. Now, fresh bids would be invited. Things will be sorted out in a matter of days, a senior official said and added that the passengers could to exercise the option of paid parking at the second entrance and Kallukuzhi entrance.

The railway authorities have planned to make it clear to the new contractor at the very outset that overcharging will not be tolerated.


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