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New software promises quicker, easier registration

People who want to register properties or marriages would soon be able to walk in at the appointed hour, rather than wait for long hours, at the offices of Registration Department to complete the formalities once a new web-based software is fully rolled out, probably by November end.

Project TeAm (Total e-governance based Administration and Management) Star 2.0, the comprehensive web based software with various modules such as registration of properties and marriages, partnership firms, societies or chits, aims to make the registration process simpler and quicker for the people.

A software is already running at 152 Sub Registrar offices across the State on a pilot basis. In Tiruchi district, the pilot run is on at the offices of the sub-registrars at K. Sathanur, Srirangam and Manachanallur. Out of the 55 offices of sub-registrars in Tiruchi, Karur, Perambalur, Ariyalur and Pudukottai districts falling under the jurisdiction of Deputy Inspector General of Registration, Tiruchi, the pilot programme is on at 12 offices.

Explaining the salient features of the project at a briefing held at the K. Sathanur Sub-Registrar office, V.Nallasivan, DIG, Registration, Tiruchi, said the adoption of the new software by the department would usher in a transparent and expeditious system of registrations.

Under the system, a purchaser who wants to register a property, can apply online through the Department’s portal and provide the necessary details which would be pre-verified by the Sub-Registrar office concerned. Once the Sub Registrar verifies the details and finds them correct, a message would be sent to the purchaser after which he can generate an appointment on the desired date and time to present the document and get it registered without any hassle. If there were any defects in the details provided, the same will be communicated to the person concerned so that they were corrected before the document is brought for registration. This would help eliminate errors in the documents.

Once a document is registered, it would be scanned using automatic document feeders. “Once fully operational, we will be able to issue the registered documents the same day. Most people crowd the sub-registrar offices on auspicious days and have to wait for long hours. Through the online appointment system, they can visit the office at the fixed time and complete the registration formalities in a matter of few minutes. We can issue even up to 100 documents a day,” Mr. Nallasivan said. The system, when fully operational, would also prevent impersonation, he added.

Applications for certified copies of documents and encumbrance certificates can be made online. The required fee can also be paid online. Once the documents are ready, the applicant would be sent text messages to their mobile phones and they can appear in person to collect the document. Persons who wish to get soft copies of the documents with digital signatures would be sent the same by email. Applicants can also track the status of their applications online. The system also integrates the department’s database with that of the Revenue Departments. Hence, when a property is registered, the details would be sent to the revenue officials concerned and no separate application need to be filed for patta name transfer.


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