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Hoteliers to serve turkey biryani as Diwali special

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Restaurants in Trichy are gearing to serve their special dish this Diwali - turkey biryani. Almost all non-vegetarian hotels in the city have been serving the dish for Diwali for the past few years. Meanwhile, there was a brisk sale in goats in the Manapparai Sandhi, with traders making lakhs of rupees on a single day on Tuesday.Most restaurants have put up attractive displays announcing that special turkey biryani is served there , As Reported By TOI.

According to the Newspaper,People go for this dish as they want something different after the regular mutton or chicken biryani, said R Saravanan. "We cannot get a turkey dish for the whole year. Since other biryani is available in all non-vegetarian hotels and restaurants, I have turkey biryani during Diwali

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