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Higher officials of Trichy railway division have directed the concerned authorities to ensure safety at non-interlocked level crossings after they noticed seven violations when a gateman had kept the gates in an open condition.
In a circular to the department of operations, higher officials noted that the gateman had kept the gates open, even after exchanging PN (private numbers) with station master for the passage of trains.
In order to avert such happenings in future, concerned authorities have been asked to follow a set of instructions. As per the direction, the station master should inform the gateman about the particulars of a train, such as train number, description, direction of movement, probable time, supported by PN, before granting line clear or dispatch of a train or shunt movement. The gateman should immediately acknowledge the same and give a PN for having understood the movement of the train.

After closing the gate, the gateman should communicate the PN to station master, for having closed or secured the gate against the road traffic. The station master should acknowledge it, supported by a PN. This procedure should also be followed during the failure of interlocked traffic level crossings.
They should note and notify all concerned, through communication, for strict compliance and any deviation would be viewed very seriously, it further warned.
When contacted, divisional railway manager of Trichy railway division P Uday Kumar Reddy said that enquiry was on with regard to the violations.
"Apart from an enquiry, counselling is also being given to the concerned gateman on the possible ill effects of keeping the gates open. Personally, I have gone to many stations and level crossings to check the present status of level crossings. We hope that everything would be streamlined soon", he assured.


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