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Foot overbridge in Tiruchirailway station by February

Construction of a foot overbridge at Tiruchi railway junction to connect all platforms has reached the final phase after a long delay.

The work of placing girders atop pillars raised at various spots at the station to connect all the seven platforms will be taken up shortly.

The Southern Railway has decided to reschedule and cancel a few passenger trains originating from Tiruchi Junction from October 23 to enable the construction work.

The Southern Railway Construction Organisation is executing the project at a cost of ₹5 crore to provide an alternative to passengers boarding and alighting in Tiruchi, a major station in the Southern Railway.

The foot overbridge will be end-to-end from the parcel office side situated close to the main entrance to the Kallukuzhi second entry side. The entire bridge would be made of steel, said railway sources.

Divisional Railway Manager P. Uday Kumar Reddy said the bridge would be commissioned by February. The future plan was to have an escalator alongside steps on the bridge, he added.

Tiruchi Junction, classified as ‘A’ category station, witnesses heavy movement of passengers, especially during morning and night hours.

Presently, a subway connects the seven platforms. An escalator connects platforms 2 and 3.

The foot overbridge is being constructed as an alternative to the subway and also to reduce congestion at the subway during peak hours


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