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Corporation steps up swachh drive, adds 2 more compost yards

TIRUCHY is one of the leading cities in the nation in maintaining waste management facilities to ensure cleanliness. At present, the Corporation has been operating 13 micro com-post yards in city limits, aimed at increasing manufacturing fertilisers using degradable garbage collected in the dis-trict. To further cleanliness in the city, the Corporation inaugurated two more micro com-post yards in Karumandapam and Ariyamangalam on Monday. According to a release, the manufactured fertilisers are used for agriculture.

 Previously in the Karumandabam area, garbage was sent to another com-post yard for processing since the particular area consists of three wards in which about 78,000 people reside. This made it difficult for the Corporation to transport garbage from the area to the nearby micro com-post yard. So, at a cost of Rs 80 lakh, the Corporation has constructed a micro compost yard in Karumandabam. Similarly, at a cost of Rs 65 lakh, a micro compost yard at the slaughterhouse in Ariyamangalam was also inaugurated.

 The inaugurations were done by Corporation Commissioner N Ravichandran. He stated people should dump all degradable and non-degradable garbage separately on the respective days. People have also been requested to take photographs of them dumping the garbage and send them through WhatsApp with their address clearly mentioned to the Corporation number, 84894 44400.
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