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Call for safety of students from speeding vehicles near college premises

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"This is not the first time that the students of this college have fallen victim to the speeding vehicles. Trichy: Following two girl students fatally knocked down by speeding vehicles on Chennai-Trichy four lane a couple of days ago, fellow students of MAM College of Engineering went on to protest in the college premises seeking arrangements to prevent further accidents.Over 500 students, primarily the hostellers picketed the office of college correspondent on Wednesday. But the request was ruled out as it is not permissible to keep barricades on four lanes.

They stressed on keeping barricades on the four lane in front of the college and provide with adequate lighting arrangements to prevent accidents.On Monday night, two of the second year students, Ilakkiya from Ariyalur and Jenciarani from Dindigul were fatally knocked down by speeding vehicles while they were trying to crossing the road at night.

With a strength of over 15000 students, the four lane has claimed over 17 deaths in the past couple of years," said a student on request of anonymity.Following the agitation, the college carried talks with the students and promised to make arrangements at the earliest.Two sign boards have been kept on the entrance of the college and six other sign boards are to be erected at a distance of few metres on the four lane.The college has also agreed to make lighting arrangements in front of the college to help students cross the road during night.However, the college management has asked the students to vacate the hostel to prevent any further from students.Agreeing to the fact that there had been frequent accidents in the particular stretch, the police said that requests were made to the highways department to take steps to check speed in the particular stretch


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