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Presence of flex banners in crucial junction irks motorists

 Gone are the days when people opted gifts and greeting cards to display their affection towards kith and kin, and even friends. Thanks to the penetration of readily-available flex banners put up in public places, the birthdays and memorable events of not just leaders but even ordinary people cannot go unnoticed.
Already as several parameters including non-adherence to traffic rules are increasing the accident risks, removal of flex banners and hoardings in crucial junctions including U-turns is desperately sought by the motorists.
Even as the permissions from police department and district administration have been made mandatory for placing any flex boards in the city both for advertisement and celebration purposes, similar mandatory measures to ensure that the banners are placed in a proper spot in such a way that it should not affect the public movement seem to be a miserable miss.
Owing to the absence of proper mechanism to ensure whether the flex banners were placed in designated spots, incidents where banners finding place in traffic congestion prone roads and junctions have become a common sight.
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Pointing out at a flex banner placed in the centre median of four-lane Bharathiar Salai near Trichy railway junction, A Subburaman, resident of Cantonment said, "Taking a U-turn in the roads closer to railway station and also bus stand warrants a double check on either sides. But the flex banners placed at road corners and even over the centre medians hinder proper view to check for vehicles on the move."
Locals said that MGR Roundabout, Bharathiar Salai, Bharathidasan Salai, Thennur High Road, Thillai Nagar and Salai Road are some of the crucial roads being encroached by the flex banners. There were instances in Thillai Nagar and MGR roundabout where the banners hindered the movement of people even on pedestrian pathways.

"Risks of placing flex banners in arterial roads were discussed during the meetings of Road Safety Council. Special permissions are needed to place the banners in the centre median since it would affect proper view of motorists to take turns," M Sekaran, member, Road Safety Council of Trichy.
The member of Road Safety Council also added that district administration would be informed in the ensuing council meeting to bring stringent measures to contain random placement of banners and hoardings in arterial roads which could affect proper movement of vehicles.


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