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Incinerator for women to feel at 'home' in library

THE forty percent of women readers, who are civil service aspirants out of 1,000 people per day visiting the District Central Library will now feel 'home', as an incinerator is been installed to ease these aspirants during their menstrual time. It is considered first of its kind to be installed on a public platform across the State. Expressing her views, Thilagavathy Jaikumar who completed M.Phil Physics in a Kodaikanal-based college and later settled here in Tiruchy, her aim is to ap-pear in Public Service Commission (PSC) examination as Thllagavathy would spend her full day at the Library browsing for the examination material. The District Central Library has a section exclusively for women and children equipped with an air-conditioning facility. As the library is now installed with an incinerator compared to any public areas, it is now easy for us to stay here all day with just by dis-posing of the used sanitary napkins through this electric device, said Thilagavathy. "With the in-creased number of women readers, the library has installed an incinerator, and this should be done in all areas including schools, colleges, and public places," She added. Another girl said that when menstrual cycle is on, it a very tough time for all women to stay outside as chances are high that one could not find a proper place to dispose of the napkins. S Geetha who is eagerly counting her PSC examination days said that she would skip her visit to the library when she is on her men-struation periods. "It feels awkward at that time where I cannot able to dispose of the sanitary napkins which lead to spread of health disorders, thanks to such initiative by installing the disposing unit," Geetha said. A woman staff in the library lauded for the efforts taken by the library officials and the timely sponsor who donated the device.

"Earlier, women would dispose of their used sanitary napkins by flushing into the toilet, which later clogs the whole sewage channel," she added. The device was donated by one of the executive members of Readers' Forum, Vallanadan Da. Ganesan, who is a retired railway employee. The idea struck his mind when a city-based apartment had in-stalled such incinerator in its premises, and Ganesan thought why not such initiative in District Central Library that is accessed by rural women. He spent around Rs 15,000 for in-stalling the device in the library. The executive member told Ex-press that the women would now shed their inhibition as it can trigger them to practice sanitary napkins instead of cloth-based stuff. "
Source: www. readwhere. com/read/c/21835352 

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