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Improve cleanliness, security: panel on visiting TPJ

The Passenger Amenities Committee constituted under the Ministry of Railways has suggested measures to improve cleanliness, security and passenger amenities at Tiruchi railway junction.

The committee members put forth the suggestion during a meeting with the Divisional Railway Manager, P.U.K. Reddy, and senior railway officers here on Thursday. The eight-member committee, headed by its chairman H. Raja, inspected the Tiruchi Junction earlier to ascertain the facilities and other amenities available at the station.

During the course of their nearly hour-long inspection, the committee members inspected the retiring rooms, dormitory, information centre, booking office, Platform 6, waiting hall, passenger subway, restaurants on platform and coaches of the Tiruchi – Manamadurai and Tiruchi–Cuddalore Port passenger trains which were stationed at that time.

Mr. Raja later told reporters at the station that the committee conducted inspection to ascertain amenities and other facilities available at stations as per the respective station’s category besides the hygiene aspect on board trains as well.

The committee had conducted inspection at 150 stations across the country this year. And this had resulted in improved facilities and hygiene, Mr. Raja said.

Later, the committee members met the Divisional Railway Manager and other railway officers here.

The committee suggested measures to improve cleanliness, security and passenger amenities at Tiruchi Junction which the divisional officers assured to implement in a planned manner.

One of the committee members, Aseervatham Acharya, said he had raised the issue of developing the Kallukuzhi second entry side of the station by providing adequate lighting facility. Mr. Acharya said the committee found lack of proper infrastructure on platform 6.

The committee found two DEMU coaches stationed on platform 6 in a pathetic condition and directed the railway officials to clean them.

Mr. Acharya said he had also taken up the issue of the increase in platform ticket at Tiruchi Junction fromRs. 10 to Rs. 20. The divisional railway authorities had informed him that the hike would be withdrawn soon, he added


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