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Crop loan target of Rs. 276 crore fixed for Tiruchi district

Image result for crop loan trichy districtThe Department of Cooperation has fixed a crop loan target of Rs. 276 crore for the current year in Tiruchi district.

It is Rs. 34 crore more than last year’s target. The department had fixed Rs. 242 crore for 2016 season. But, it could not achieve the target due to failure of both South West and North East monsoons. Cooperative institutions had extended crop loans to the tune of just Rs. 90 crore in 2016.

Of the current year target, the department has so far disbursed crop loan to the tune of Rs. 105 crore to the farmers, who have raised paddy in the kuruvai season in a few areas mainly in Lalgudi. Similarly, farmers, who have raised various crops such as sugarcane, tapioca, groundnut, turmeric, maize and onion in Musiri, Thuraiyur, Uppiliyapuram and Lalgudi, have also been extended crop loan.

K.C. Ravichandran, Joint Registrar of Cooperatives, told The Hindu that the distribution of crop loan would gain momentum once the Stanley reservoir in Mettur was opened for delta irrigation. The increasing water level in the dam had raised the hope that it would be opened shortly.

Crop loan target had been fixed for all 140 Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS) depending upon the coverage area. Out of Rs. 276 crore, about Rs. 170 crore would be disbursed for raising samba crop. Instructions have been given to the PACS functionaries for avoiding controversies and complaints while disbursing loan.

Mr. Ravichandran said the societies would not charge interest from farmers for crop loan as the government would pay the interest to the PACS on behalf of farmers.


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