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School draws students with free breakfast, transport

SITUATED in the heart of the city, the government-aided mid-dle school at Thennur is no less than other matriculation schools, and has facilitated smart classrooms and coloured uniforms for students, besides providing free breakfast for the past 11 years.

Boys :98
Girls  :80
Total :178
New admissions in 2017:33

With an increase in admissions each year, Thennur Middle school has a regular set of sponsors who contribute break-fast on all important days in their families, like birthdays, wedding anniversaries and much more. Most students of the total 178 here are from underprivileged background and many are with single parents. "Just 2300 will make our students be free of hunger, as we would serve pongal, kesari, idly and vada accordingly," said P Vimala, Head Mistress of the school. The breakfast idea has put a check on the students' skipping morning cLcmges and each day the school marks full attendance, she added. The school has about 50 regular sponsors across the city who would ask the HM for free dates to contribute breakfast for the children. The school mails a 'thank you' letter and the stu-dents thank the sponsors for their efforts. The students have not missed their breakfast even on a single day, the BM added. Besides breakfast, the sponsors have also contributed a projector and computers, along with compact discs, to help the students with their studies. Now after listening to the classes, videos played will help students clearly understand and memo-rise what has been learned.

 Seven of the staff, including HM Vimala, spends around 220,000 per month to facilitate transportation for the students within one km radius from the school. "A van owned by the school picks up and drops the students within 1 km limit and all the staff contributes for the welfare of students," the BM added.
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