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Roadside eatery harnesses solar power

A ROADSIDE eatery which has been catering to city dwellers for the past two decades is setting an example for all by harnessing solar energy. Two solar panels, which can light up 60 IN LED lights, have been set up in the shop. The shop, which offers food even late in the night, especially to the transport employees, resorted to renewable energy sources after several other steps failed. Earlier, the absence of proper lighting here was driving away customers. Now, the new step has been bringing back more customers.
Though several road side eateries dot Cantonment - Alexandria Road, it is Maariyappans shop here, that attracts the maximum number of customers, for the lip smacking dishes and the shop's visible presence. Speaking to TNIE, Paramasivam Maariyappan (59), running the shop since 1986, said, "To make both ends meet and provide education for four children, I was running the shop with three
petromax lights. However the lights were not enough to light up the entire shop." One year ago, the owner switched to solar lighting despite getting necessary permission for electricity connection. two so-lar panels, which cost 230,000, erected right in front of the shop taps all the solar power required for the entire day as the shop runs only in the evening and goes on till late night", said Maariyappan. LEDlights with a total of 60 KV, divided into 20 illuminates the entire locality. As it's well lit, even families are thronging the shop these days, he added. Maariyappan is now able to save all his profits as the entire shop runs on solar energy and cooking is done using wood fire. "Roadside joints are always considered to be not safe for women due to the presence of unruly or drunk people. However this place appears to be safer and well lit," said N Gowri, an employee with a private firm, near the Central Bus Stand.
Source: epaper. newindianexpress. com//c/21398206 

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