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Road to railway junction is a bumpy ride for motorists

The pathetic condition of the approach road to the railway junction in Tiruchi has left travellers fuming.

Motorists have been forced to endure bumpy rides while entering and exiting the junction for the past several months. In recent days, a huge pot hole on the exit road close to former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s statue junction has literally sent motorists careening. The pot hole is so huge that the undercarriages of many a car takes a massive hit while negotiating it.

Following the recent spell of rain, the pot hole has grown bigger in dimension with stagnant rain water and sewage. Shopkeepers in the locality also allege that the road is being eroded by the sewage flowing from a drain from the Railway junction.

“This is not the ideal first impression that one gets of the city, especially at a time when Tiruchi has been selected for being developed as a Smart City. While motorists face much difficulty, visitors to the city are left aghast at the condition of the road,” observed C.Balasubramanian, honorary president, District Exnora.

For the past several months, the traffic police have placed temporary barricades to prevent vehicles heading straight towards the Aristo road over bridge from Bharathiar Salai, all vehicles have to necessarily to take a U turn to go via the Railway Junction. While the police move, by itself, had drawn flak from motorists on the grounds that it was only adding to the congestion, the heavy traffic movement has taken a toll on the road.

With the second entry to the railway junction laid a few years back remaining in disuse, all city buses also have to take the detour. The buses halt right on the middle of the entry road to the junction, often leading to a pile up of vehicles. With several other passenger vehicles, including autos and cabs, operating to and from the railway junction, the entire road witnesses heavy traffic right through the day, motorists point out emphasising the need for repairing the road immediately.


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