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Railway Parking fee goes up

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Parking fee at the two wheeler parking lot, which was formally declared open on Saturday, has been increased as the Railways has made it a “premium” facility.

The new premium parking rates applies to the old parking lot too. The additional open space was earmarked for two-wheeler parking, which started functioning some time back, in front of the existing parking lot to accommodate more vehicles. The existing facility has been unable to cater to the huge demand.

The premium rates are being charged even though the additional space does not have a concrete floor or a roof and vehicles are being parked in the open. Many vehicles could be seen parked in the open in front of the old parking lot too.

However, now two-wheeler riders have been forced to shell out double the charges for parking their vehicles. Under the revised rates, Rs. 10 would be charged for parking scooters/motorcycles at the parking lot for up to 12 hours; Rs. 20 for duration ranging from 12 to 24 hours and Rs. 30 for more than 24 hours (and for every 24 hours or part thereof). The revised rates have already come into effect from the first week of this month, those manning the parking lot said.

Higher rates would also be applicable for the premium car parking area created at the second entry at Kallukuzhi.


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