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No food waste-Tiruchy serves over 30k people

The No Food Waste vehicle of Tiruchy Chapter that collects excess food in and around the city. A Food and Beverage ATM initiative which involves placing a refrigerator in a secure part of the city to house food and beverage in excess for the needy people to avail at free of cost is under consideration by the No Food Waste chapter. Organisers said they are awaiting able donor to bear the expense of purchasing a refrigerator priced around ' 30,000-' 35,000 apart from the regular maintenance.

THE No Food Waste chapter-Tiruchy launched in the city five months ago on this day (August 26) has been acting as a bridge for re-covering the food in excess at hotels, marriage halls, and private meeting halls to serve the identified hunger spots across the city. The chapter has catered to over 30,000 persons thus far. With as many as 22 hunger spots identified by the food recovery project earlier, owing to the in-creasing demands for both recovery and supply, the No Food Waste Tiruchy chapter has planned to conduct an-other survey with the help of college students and urban civic body to increase the numbers of hunger spots to be served. The food waste management practice first
launched at Coimbatore in October 2014 in the past few years was said to have spread to nine towns and cities which involve the collection of untouched food waste from donors through an exclusive
vehicle, and feeds the same to identified needy populace.

 Once the volunteers in No Food Waste Tiruchy chapter receives a call through the helpline 90877-90877 informing about the availability of food in excess mandatory untouched food waste, the volunteers would reach the spot in a mini-van for collecting food. Lat-er. the excess food would be moved depending upon the need in 22 identified hungry spots in the city. "Through hunger-map-ping with our volunteers in March 2017, we identified 22 hunger spots, including slum areas concentrated with BPL families. In the past five months of our operation, about 30,241 persons (till August 20) were provided the food waste we sourced. Highest was in the month of June which numbers over 12,000 per-son s," A P Ramakrishnan, coordinator, No Food Waste Tiruchy chapter said. No Food Waste has presence in c ities like Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Erode, Madurai, and Salem.
source: epaper. newindianexpress. com//c/21617949 

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